Anti-Smoking Group Tries to Ban Smoking Salmon




Earlier this week, the producers of This Is That received a press-release (with the photo on the left attached) from an Anti-Smoking Organization in Nelson, B.C. The group is concerned with the second-hand smoke implications of smoking salmon in the province and they plan to present their case to the British Columbia government later this month. Host Peter Oldring had a chance to speak with a representative from the organization, Whitney Despot-Mills.

We want to know what you think, is smoking salmon harmful to the health of Canadians? Let us know by calling our toll-free talk-back line 1-877-563-2442 or 1-877-JOE-CHIC.

Remember, there is a new episode of The Best of This Is That  this Saturday on CBC Radio One at 11:30am. If you've missed any previous episodes you can listen them all here.  


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