The storm to end all storms, bloody canoe trip, and late night campsite raid: Episode 9




Welcome to Episode Nine of The Wild Side! This is the show that throws you into a hurricane of high seas adventure.

On this episode, you'll hear host Grant Lawrence getting the goods from:

*Tom Gallant, a sailor from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia who sailed his schooner Avenger into an off-the-charts force 10 hurricane in off the coast of Newfoundland. You can see photos of Tom and his schooner on our Facebook page The Wild Side with Grant Lawrence.

*Cathy Alex, a woman whose canoe trip in Algonquin Park became a bloody, white water, beaver dam blocking affair that would have lasting consequences.

*A listener call about a late night raid on a campsite by animals that ate every scrap of food...except for one very specific dish.

Also, wild tunes from Matt Mays and Sarah Harmer.

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