Wolves on the morning jog, lost five days in the Manitoba winter, and family canoe capsizing: Episode 8


Welcome to Episode Eight of The Wild Side! This is the show that provides you with a class five white water listening experience.

On this episode, you'll hear host Grant Lawrence getting the goods from:

  *Chris Traverse, a man who got separated from his snowmobiling pals in the winter wilderness of Manitoba and was forced to survive five days alone while attempting to trudge through the snow drifts and forests to safety.

*Steph and Ed McGraw, a daughter and dad who used to take many family canoe trips together down the wild rivers of the Maritimes, until one final trip ended the tradition in spectacular fashion.

*A listener call telling us about a morning jog in the Yukon in sub, sub, sub zero temperatures that involves running side by side with a pack of wolves.

Also, wild tunes from The Matinee and The Wailin' Jennys.

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