Killer whale and seal intervention, Russell's Viper snake bite, and electrifying mountain climb: Episode 7


Welcome to Episode Seven of The Wild Side! This is the show that provides you with shocking stories from the wilderness.

On this episode, you'll hear host Grant Lawrence getting the goods from:

*Greg Beldham, a fisherman from Nanoose Bay, BC who found himself caught between two long time ocean rivals... a pod of killer whales and a very bruised and battered seal. The decision Greg made at sea may surprise you. You can see the photos for yourself on our Facebook page The Wild Side with Grant Lawrence.

*Leigh McAdam, an adventurer and mountain climber from Calgary, Alberta who has bagged summits all over the world. This week she tells us of the electrifying experience she had with her husband near a mountain peak in Colorado. Check out her fantastic outdoor blog Hike Bike Travel.

*A call from listener Odo Mayer who tells us his dramatic story being bitten by the world's most lethal snake while he was living in a cave in India... really!

Also, wild tunes from Mother Mother and Sidney York.

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