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Giant Mine: Twenty Years Later

 It's September 18th, 1992; 8:45 in the morning.

 A bomb goes off in an underground tunnel of Giant Mine.

 Nine men are killed on their way to work.

 It was the middle of a bitter strike that destroyed friendships, broke up families, and divided the community.

 For twenty years, Yellowknifers have tried to make sense of the violence of that moment.

 As journalists, Joclyn Cozac, David Staples, and Lee Selleck covered the Giant mine bombing and the trial and sentencing of Roger Warren, the striking miner convicted of their murder.

 Joclyn was a senior editor at CBC Radio here in Yellowknife at the time. She now works as a reporter at CBC Calgary. David was, and still is, at the Edmonton Journal. And Lee is a former CBC reporter who, at the time, was Managing Editor of The Press Independent (formerly Native Press).

 Joslyn sat down with them to talk about their experiences, and their thoughts about that time in Yellowknife's history -- then and now. Here is part of that conversation:

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For those of you who want to hear more, here's an extended cut of that interview:

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