Dealing with human frailty; Former Madam Justice Claire L'Heureux Dubé; the struggle of First Nations women; and more...


The podcast for Sunday May 12, 2013, featuring Al Gore, a documentary about the first Chinese university students in North America, and...

You'll hear:

  • Michael's Essay on cycling in the city. (0:24)
  • Al Gore on the oil sands, the environment, and "The Future", his new book. (3:50)
  • Veronica Gaylie's essay "Grace", about her mother and dementia. (35:18)
  • A Great Leap Forward - Ira Basen's documentary on the first students from China to attend university in North America at Ottawa's Carleton University in 1973. (42:14)
  • Listener responses to our forum on the search for jobs in the new world of work. (1:13:53)
  • Former Justice Madam  Claire L'Heureux Dubé speaking about a mother's influence. (1:19:37)
  • Cara Hoffman on Cleveland: The author of So Much Pretty says we shouldn't be so shocked by the high drama story of captivity and torture of women. It happens often, and in plain sight. (1:21:52)
  • An interview with Sandra Djwa, author of Journey with No Maps, A Life of PK Page. (1:30:50)
  • From Edmonton, Young First Nations women pay tribute to their foremothers who fought for treaty rights - and won. (1:55:45)

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Thanks for listening!

Michael Enright and The Sunday Edition team
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