Alex Bulmer; Morley Torgov (Hour One)


Alex Bulmer: The Canadian-born playwright has turned her blindness into motivation and inspiration for her art. She just had an installation at the London Olympics. 

Morley Torgov: The summer keeps marching on, so you better get reading! This week in The Sunday Edition goes to the Beach, a historical suspense thriller from Toronto author Morley Torgov.

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Alex Bulmer:

When she was 21 years old, the Canadian playwright discovered she was going blind. No one knew how long it would take, but there was no question she would lose her sight.

It was the beginning of a waiting game that changed her life and threatened her career in the performing arts. And while Alex did go blind, her career did anything but falter.

Last week, Breathe - a performance that she and three other disabled artists created - launched the Olympic sailing event in Weymouth, Dorset. 

Weaving together circus, dance, street theatre and cabaret elements, Breathe included an international cast of dozens - most of them physically or mentally disabled. People who couldn't walk flew through the air, and wheelchairs appeared to float on water and at the end, 2012 people waded into the ocean carrying torches.

Alex Bulmer has traveled from the non-disabled world to the disabled world ... an experience that informs her work as a poet, producer, voice coach, teacher, filmmaker and songwriter.   

She was born in Canada but now lives in London. She moved there after studying voice with the Grey-Eye theatre company, a leading disabled theatre company in the UK.

Beach Read #6:

A key element in any gripping read at the beach is a dramatic story and this week, The Sunday Edition Goes to The Beach zeroes in on a tale of suspense, murder, music and a hint of mayhem. It's got enough drama that it could be an opera.

And that's only appropriate because The Mastersinger from Minsk by Morley Torgov is set in a Munich opera house in 1868, on the eve of the premiere of a new opera by that most controversial of composers, Richard Wagner.

This is the second outing for Morley Torgov's hero, police inspector Hermann Preiss, who was first spotted in the novel Murder in A-Major.

Morley Torgov is a Toronto lawyer and long-time novelist who has won awards for stories filled with tension and humour. The Mastersinger from Minsk, newly published, is no exception.

Music used in Hour One:

Horizons from Valley of a Thousand Hills, by Malcolm Forsyth. Performed by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra by Grzegorz Nowak.

The Prelude Act 1 of Richard Wagner's Opera "The Master Singers of Nuremberg" performed by Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Otto Klemperer.

Rondo from Richard Strauss's Concerto for Horn, performed by Hermann Baumann and The Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipsig conducted by Kurt Masur

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