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Documentary: God I'm Angry

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Emanation.png"God may be subtle," Albert Einstein once said. "But he isn't plain mean."

Oh, really? Tell that to Job. In the Bible, Job is known for his love and devotion to God.

Then one day - for no apparent reason -  his children and everything else in his life, are destroyed. 

Job gets angry. Very angry. And he directs his anger at God. Wouldn't anyone?

This week, our feature documentary, God I'm Angry, takes a look at faithful indignation, the connection between fury and belief.

It is prepared and presented by Frank Faulk.

Music in Hour One

Easter Parade, by Oscar Peterson

Ring Them Bells, by David Piltch and Aaron Davis

Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah, Toronto Symphony and Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, conducted by Andrew Davis

Psalm 55, by Rabbi Miriam Margles, with Danny Greenspoon

Don't Fence Me In, by Amy Cervini


Happy Birthday, Mary Pickford!

Mary_Pickford_on_Beach_with_Camera,_ca._1916_(LOC).jpgMary Pickford, one of the biggest stars in the history of cinema, was born in Toronto 120 years ago today.

We dug into our archives and discovered a broadcasting gem that first aired on CBC Radio in 1959.

Tony Thomas, host of the program Trans-Canada Matinée, interviewed Mary Pickford in Hollywood. We have woven together some excerpts of that program about "America's Sweetheart."

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Amy Cervini

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for amycervini.jpgAmy Cervini is a young Canadian singer whose latest CD, Digging Me, Digging You is a tribute to Blossom Dearie, one of the most distinctive artists in the world of jazz. 

Ms. Cervini joins Michael from our New York studio. 

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Music in Hour Two:

Scenes d'Enfants, Le Chevalier au Cheval de Bois, by the Peter Togni Trio

Ev'rything I've Got, by Blossom Dearie

Tea for Two, by Amy Cervini

I'm Shadowing You, by Amy Cervini

Ev'rything I've Got, by Amy Cervini

Walking The Dog, composed by George Gershwin, performed by The Canadian Brass

Easter Monkey, by Mike Hopkins


Pico Iyer

Michael talks with novelist Pico Iyer about his ongoing fascination with a man he'd never met, but was deeply affected by - novelist Graham Greene. Iyer's book is called The Man Within My Head.

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Adrienne Rich

hi-adrienne-rich2-620.jpgMichael Enright in conversation with law professor Kate Sutherland about the poet and essayist, Adrienne Rich, who died at the end of March.

The New York Times calls Rich a poet of "towering reputation and towering rage who brought the oppression of women and lesbians to the forefront."

Professor Sutherland, an author and legal scholar, has long been a fan of Ms. Rich's work.

Music in Hour Three:

Sonate pour Clavecin, K1, by Alain LeFevre

Wash Those Blues Away, by Little Miss Higgins

Lily, by Stretch Orchestra

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