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Hour One

RCMP Commissioner


It has not been a good year for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Or for that matter, a good three years or a good five years.

Scandals, low morale, falling public confidence, internal bickering, have  all conspired to rock the RCMP  to its foundations.

All of which has been dumped in the lap of the force's new top cop.

Bob Paulson is promising leadership and accountability. He is known within the force as a "cop's cop," but he wants to be remembered as a "citizen's cop."

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson joined Michael from Ottawa.

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Music in Hour One:

Early Morning Blues from the CD Joe Sealy Trio, by Joe Sealy

Gymnopedie No 2 from Classic Kennedy, by Nigel Kennedy

How Do You Do, 1935 from We Were Good People, by Maria Dunn

Duet from Good to the Last Bop, by Chase Sanborn

Hour Two

Documentary: A Humanly Duty

li-ott-queens-finearts620.jpgLife at Queen's University will kick back into high gear on Monday. Reading week is over. Twenty four thousand students will return to classes in the ivy-covered limestone buildings that dot the historic campus in Kingston, Ontario. Life will get back to normal.

But a new kind of normal.

Last year at this same time, the Queen's community was in crisis. Six students had died, three by suicide, two within a week. Suicide is the second-highest cause of death among Canadian university students, second only to traffic accidents.

At Queen's, there's a special kind of awareness about the danger, about the urgent need to pay attention.

The documentary A Humanly Duty was produced by David Gutnick.

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Organ Donors

Thumbnail image for organ_donation.jpgLast week, Michael opened the program with an essay about Canada's abysmal organ donation statistics. Across the country, thousands of people sit on transplant waiting lists.

Michael's essay generated a lot of mail, including a letter from Bob McRae of Gatineau, Quebec, who was an anonymous kidney donor. Michael invited Mr. McRae to tell us about his experience.

Michael then spoke to Ken Gaston, who received a heart transplant 29 years ago. Mr. Gaston spoke with us from Calgary about his sudden illness, his transplant, and his thoughts about such an overwhelming experience, so many years later. 

Music in Hour Two:

Pavanne from the CD After Hours, by James Campbell

Prayer for Humankindness from Prayer for Humankindness, by Dave Restivo

Concerning Hobbits from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, by Howard Shore

Hour Three


Michael speaks with Joseph Nye, the author, thinker and Dean Emeritus of the Kennedy School at Harvard University about his recent essay, Charisma We Can Believe In.

In a year when the leadership of China will shift, when elections are scheduled for countries as diverse as France, Russia and the United States, Joseph Nye discusses the meaning, reality and power of that elusive term: charisma.

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Howard Shore

Thumbnail image for Howard_Shore.jpgHoward Shore won his all three of his Academy Awards for composing music for the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Sunday night, he'll find out if he's won his fourth for the score of Martin Scorcese's Hugo.

He has composed scores for films as varied as David Cronenberg's horror classic The Fly, to Tom Hanks's charming turn in Big. And those are just the films. Mr. Shore is also responsible for one of television's most iconic theme songs: Saturday Night Live

The Canadian composer is currently at work on his fourth collaboration with Peter Jackson on his new film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Howard Shore spoke to Michael from Wellington, New Zealand.

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Essay: Sweet Adeline

It's a hard line to draw: when to care for others and when to take care of ourselves.

Even the best of us, those people who seem to have been born with a caregiving gene, have their limits.

And they are often reached in caring for the very old.

Tilya Gallay Helfield brings us a story of compassion, regret and a painful comprehension. It's called Sweet Adeline.

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Music in Hour Three:

Fathom from the CD Apparition, by the Mark Eisenman Quintet

The Breaking of the Fellowship, from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, by Howard Shore

Invention of Dreams from Hugo, by Howard Shore

The Brood, composed by Howard Shore

The Return of the King from Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, by Howard Shore

Into the West from Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, by Howard Shore

For the Silent Wisdom of Green Prophets from Prayer for Humankindness, by Dave Restivo

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