Seniors group creates NYT-worthy crossword puzzles - Documentary

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster


Most of the New York Times cryptic crossword puzzles - the grid and the clues - are written by experts. Even for them, having a puzzle accepted and published by the Times is a big deal. Which is why there was celebratory coffee, ginger ale and cake the first time an unassuming group of seniors joined the crossword-creating elite. They have now hit that jackpot five times. 

They are students in a class called 'Get A Clue', run by J.A.S.A - the Jewish Association Serving the Aging.

Every Sunday, the seniors make their way up to a third floor classroom at John Jay College in downtown Manhattan. With a teacher who is decades younger, they get down to work.

Our documentary 'So Nice to Feel Clever' was produced by David Gutnick.

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