Wind Farms documentary / John Twidell

(CP Photo/Adrian Wyld)

(CP Photo/Adrian Wyld)


There's nothing quite like wind ... to set up a howl.

Windmills used to be seen as quaint, a bit whimsical, useful and pretty. But modern windmills, or wind turbines, seem to rip up communities wherever they're installed.

At first, wind energy looked like a smart, benign alternative to dirty coal, fossil fuels and nuclear power. It was the ultimate renewable resource, and many still see it that way. But since the first Canadian wind farms were built in the early 1990s, they have been contested and controversial.

First, we'll hear Paige Ellis and her documentary Windfall. It is followed by a conversation with John Twidell, Editor Emeritus of The Journal of Wind Engineering and an adviser to the British parliament on energy issues. We reached him in Hominghold, Leicester in England.

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