Uncle Fofi and The Couscous Comedy Show

couscous 4web.jpg

There's nothing Fares Mekideche loves better than to make people laugh.

Well, that's not exactly true. He also loves to cook.

When he was growing up in France, he spent long hours in a steamy kitchen with his mother, as she taught him the secrets of Algerian cuisine.

Fares now lives in Montreal, where he has found a way to combine his two loves.

Each week, he boils up cauldrons of couscous, and feeds it to the audience at a comedy club.

In the process, Fares is helping to break down barriers between French Canadians, and the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who, like him, now call Quebec their home.

Here is Sunday Edition producer David Gutnick's documentary, "Uncle Fofi and The Couscous Comedy Show."

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