Pauyo Plus Eight

haiti_rounded.jpg On January 12th when the earthquake hit, Theirry Pauyo - a Montrealer studying medicine at Harvard - was working at a hospital in the mountains of Haiti. He made his way into Port-au-Prince and - almost miraculously - found his eight cousins aged 4 to 21. They had just become orphans. As soon as a phone line became available, Thierry Pauyo was in touch with his parents back in Montreal.

Eric - the 66 year old doctor getting ready to wind up his practice and Nicole - a 64 year old retired nurse, empty nesters getting ready to enjoy some travel and quiet times. Well, not quite yet.

Eric and Nicole Pauyo are now the legal guardians of 8 young nieces and nephews, scrambling to do everything they can to help the newcomers adjust to a whole new way of life in Canada.

Before he left for South Africa, to cover the world cup David Gutnick paid a visit to the burgeoning household.

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