Prom Salon


They used to be relatively uncomplicated affairs.

A very very long time ago.

Today the photographers and limos are booked months in advance. There are pre-grad brunches and post grad parties, all built around the key event, the grade twelve graduation prom.

In St. John's, Newfoundland, the season is on in full force. Flocks of teenage girls are buying their dresses from the mainland, or online. They post pictures on Facebook to avoid the mortal sin of showing up at the grad in the same dress as another girl. They go to tanning salons to get rid of their springtime North Atlantic pallor. And they scour the internet for celebrity photos, hoping to copy the look of Hollywood starlets.

Many of them end up at Paula Adams Signature Salon where a Graduation Package - a formal hairdo, manicure and makeup goes for one hundred dollars. Every Friday morning at this time of year, Paula rallies her team of stylists to meet the nervous girls in search of transformation on - like - OHMIGOD - like THE biggest day of their young lives.

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