To the End of the Land - An Interview with David Grossman

grossman.jpgOn August 12th, 2006, Uri Grossman, an Israeli soldier in his early 20s was killed when his tank was hit by a rocket. Just days before the end of the Second Lebanon War.

At the Jerusalem home of David Grossman, Israel's greatest living novelist, there was the late night knock on the door from the Notifiers, those soldiers whose job it is to inform families of a death.

Grossman later said: "As I walked to the door, I said to myself, that's it. Life is over."

He and his son Uri had often talked about the new novel, To the End of the Land..

After Uri's funeral, Grossman returned to the writing to see if he could in fact finish it.

It is probably his greatest work. Just translated into English, it is getting glowing reviews worldwide and David Grossman is being compared to Tolstoy and Flaubert.

He is the author of numerous works of fiction non-fiction and children's literature. His book, The Yellow Wind , a sympathetic portrait of Palestinians in the occupied territories, caused a sensation when it was published in 1987.

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