Margaret Trudeau Changes her Mind


From the time she was a little girl, her parents said, "There's something different about Margie."

It was an astute observation that time would reveal to be a significant understatement.

Margaret Jean Sinclair was a mix of ferocious and free spirit. She grew up in a political family but, like many children of the sixties, became a hippy with the heart of a wanderer. She traveled, smoked pot and became a vegetarian.

And she was stunningly beautiful.

She met and married one of the most powerful men in Canada and, barely out of her teens, Margaret became the youngest wife of any Canada prime minister when she married Trudeau, on March 4th 1971. He was 29 years her senior.

And thus began what promised to be a charmed life. In reality, it was a roller coaster of mania and depression, humiliation, anguish and loss.

Margaret Trudeau's memoir, Changing my Mind, chronicles a life shaped to a disturbing degree by mental illness, lived in the public eye with all of its highs and lows on view.

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