The Coke Machine

cokemachine175x272.jpgThe bucolic world as advertised by Coca-Cola is sweet and safe, inhabited by honey bees and turtle doves and blissed-out polar bears.

But it's a world created by marketing wizards paid billions of dollars to promote a treacle-y version of reality. One that's far away from the real world of Coca-Cola, according to Michael Blanding, the author of, The Coke Machine, The Dirty Truth Behind the World's Favorite Soft Drink.

The real story of this iconic American company is much darker, he says. Behind the public facade of Coke, he finds a modern corporation that busts unions, pollutes the water and markets sugar to kids. Michael Blanding is an award-winning magazine writer who's worked for The Nation, The New Republic, and The Boston Globe. He is a contributing editor at Boston magazine and he joined us from an NPR studio in Boston.

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