Anna Quindlen Interview


It has been a year since Anna Quindlen wrote her last column for Newsweek Magazine.

In that column she explained that it was a time for "fresh perspective and new ideas". After nine years as the bi-weekly back-page columnist she was stepping aside to make room for younger writers - writers she says are just brimming with talent. But really, she's chosen to do full-time what she's always wanted to do- make things up.

It's not the first time she's left journalism. In 1995 she quit The New York Times, where she'd won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary, to concentrate on writing her novels full-time. Her career - "word work" as she calls it - spans almost 40 years, and her work has appeared in some of America's most influential newspapers and magazines.

Then, as now, journalism's loss was fiction's gain.

Ms. Quindlen has written 14 books...including four best-selling novels: Object Lessons, One True Thing, Black and Blue and Blessings.

Her latest novel is called Every Last One, and it is the story of an average family - two parents, three teenagers, a dog - living an average, almost unremarkable life. Until something awful happens and the family is blindsided by something no one could have predicted.

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