Manhood for Amateurs -- A Conversation with Michael Chabon

manhood_175x372.jpgMichael Chabon is one this generation's most successful writer's of fiction.

His novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Clay - which the New York Review of Books described as his magnum opus - won a Pulitzer Prize in 2001.

He is the author of ten books of fiction, including the wildly popular, The Yiddish Policemen's Union and two of his books, Wonder Boys and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, have been made into movies.

His fiction explores conflicting images of male relationships across generations: father and sons, brothers, and sometimes lovers. And now he's turned his attention to non-fiction, and an exploration of the ideas of manhood that have shaped his own life.

In Manhood For Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father and Son, he asks the deceptively simple question, "What does it mean to be a man?" In doing so, he writes about everything from sex to dirty diapers to baseball cards.

Michael Chabon lives in Berkely California but this week he was with us in our Toronto studio.

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