Tribute to CBC Radio producer Christopher Grosskurth


    A friend of ours died late last month.  

  Christopher Grosskurth was a CBC Radio colleague, and a familiar voice to listeners for more than 30 years. For 8 years, he made documentaries for the program, Sunday Morning - the precursor to The Sunday Edition. This was his time slot.

    Chris had been ill for some time and most of us didn't know it. That is the way he was.
    Chris was a man with a wicked but quiet sense of humour, and a sly smile to go with it.  He was a good and generous colleague.
    He had a penchant for stories that explored the curious crevasses of human nature ... and a unique ability to disappear and then quietly turn up with a story that others would have made a good deal more noise about.

    But to say he was mild-mannered, would seriously underestimate him.

    He took part in the CBC's coverage of the 50th anniversary of the independence of India.
     "Where did you go yesterday, Chris?"  - - a colleague asked him one night in Delhi.

    "Oh - I went to see the Dalai Lama," he replied, and smiled.

    Chris covered six different Olympic Games. He was key to the coverage of a sex abuse scandal in Cornwall, Ontario. He won awards for his reporting about North Korea.
    If you listen to the audio version of this post, you will hear a few samples of Chris Grosskurth's work. There's a story about ice hockey in Ireland; a report from the Olympic games in Greece; the tale of a young-long distance runner in Toronto  -- and an excerpt from a New York Festivals gold-medal-winning documentary that he produced with our own Karin Wells, about the civil war in Lebanon.
   CBC Radio has lost a great story-teller, and a much-valued colleague and friend. Our sympathies to his family.

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