Featured Audio: Howard Shore

Howard_Shore.jpgHoward Shore won all three of his Academy Awards for composing music for the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Sunday night, he'll find out if he's won his fourth for the score of Martin Scorcese's Hugo.

While the film versions of JR Tolkien's much-loved fantasy novels may be Mr. Shore's most notable successes, after three decades and 70 films, they do not begin to define the depth or breadth of his work.

He has composed scores for films as varied as David Cronenberg's horror classic The Fly, to Tom Hanks's charming turn in Big. And those are just the films. Mr. Shore is also responsible for one of television's most iconic theme songs: Saturday Night Live. The Canadian composer is currently at work on his fourth collaboation with Peter Jackson on his new film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Howard Shore spoke to Michael from Wellington, New Zealand.

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