The Life and Work of Ted Sorenson

ted.jpgTed Sorensen's death last Sunday at the age of 82 marked the end of an era.

Ted Sorensen was often called John F. Kennedy's speechwriter and just as often he objected to the term. He thought it diminished his role and connection with JFK and he thought it robbed John F. Kennedy of the true power of his oratory. Sorensen, was incredibly smart, attentive to detail and intensely loyal to a man he thought of as a true giant in American History.

Sorensen worked with Kennedy for just over a decade and when Kennedy was assassinated, Sorensen was only in his mid-30s. He went on to be a very successful lawyer and writer.

But his attachment to the Kennedy era would overshadow everything else he accomplished while also insuring his place in history.

In 2003, as part of a special program we produced on the 40th anniversary of the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, I had the opportunity to interview Ted Sorensen in New York. We met in a boardroom on the 28th floor of the building housing his law firm. He was in his mid seventies and moving a bit slower, but as you'll hear, his mind was sharp and crisp as ever.

We aired part of that conversation on our show, but have posted the full interview for you here.

Listen here:

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