June 8, 2011

Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission is quietly going about its business of helping Canadians better understand the damage done to Aboriginal society by the country's Indian Residential Schools' policy. Listeners will hear moving testimony recorded by CBC Yellowknife, at recent public hearings in the Northwest Territories. The TRC is preparing for a national event that will take place in Inuvik between June 28 - July 1.


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Part Two:

Host Ted Blades takes us to New Brunswick next, where we hear from a Libyan student in Fredericton who has lost his university funding as a result of the civil unrest back home. He's not alone in this predicament as other international students from Libya are also suffering.

An activist in Moncton wants the creators of the "Geezerade" (a slushie) advertising campaign to withdraw it, because it's offensive to seniors. 

In Vancouver, an international conference is told that sharks are endangered. Not so a beluga whale in Newfoundland. He's being fed by a lobster fisherman.

Canadians love their wild animals. A couple in Regina is helping orphaned fox pups to survive.


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