February 23, 2011

Part One

Host Jeff Gilhooly introduces us to Kerri Rodden-Kemp, a young Canadian woman whose high school picture of "big hair" earned her a spot on the Ellen Degeneres show, and then, to the red carpet at the Grammy Awards.  We'll hear some highlights from the Canada Winter Games in Nova Scotia. Among them - a profile of Nathan MacKinnon, another promising hockey player from Sydney Crosbie's home town of Cole Harbour and the boxing Gordon family.  When Taylor Gordon stepped into the ring at the Winter Games his father and grandfather, former boxers themselves, were there right beside him.


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Part Two

Kerri  Rodden-Kemp is back from her assignment covering the Grammy Awards for the Ellen Degeneres show and confesses that the excitement is interfering with her work as a waitress in Oakville, Ontario.  Students in Yellowknife learn to build igloos, and Sudanese students in St. John's talk about their hopes for the future of South Sudan now that it has voted overwhelmingly to secede from the North.

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