January 5th, 2011

"New Beginnings and Second Chances"....We begin the New Year with a look back at some of the stories that stood out for us over the past months.  

From Calgary (Alta)...Unusual room-mates.  Would you let a homeless man crash in your spare bedroom?
From Ottawa (Ont)...the cat came back.  After running away to the circus!
From Vancouver (BC)...Purr-fect Partnership!  An animal shelter plays matchmaker for potential owners in search of feline companionship.
From Witless Bay (Nfld)...Join the Puffin Patrol.  Fledgling flyers receive a wing up from a band of bird lovers.

From Yellowknife (NWT)...A father and daughter reunion. Estranged family members brought together by music.
From Edmonton (Alta)...Karmic justice.  Young people learn to fix stolen bikes.  The irony is...they are also the kids who have been caught stealing bikes.
From Winnipeg (Man)...Clothing ex-cons. The John Howard Society helps released prisoners dress for success.
From Vancouver (BC)...Wrongfully convicted.  It took 27 years but Ivan Henry is a free man after a BC Court ruled he was wrongfully convicted of sex crimes.
From Calgary (Alta)...A devastating diagnosis.  A doctor's  career comes to an abrupt end after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's.


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