December 8th, 2010


From Victoria (BC)...A cacophony of sound under the sea.  It's noisy underwater off the BC Coast. How noisy? So noisy the whales have to yell to be heard.

From Carlsbad Springs (Ont)...Another kind of food fight.  Butchering a pig and sharing the pork is against the law.  Even if it's only one pig.
From Kelowna (BC)...Legal dregs from the days of Prohibition.  An M-P campaigns to end an 80 year old law that could land you in jail for taking wine across the border...that is, the borders between provinces.

From Shrewsbury (Ont)...Deconsecrating a church.  Internet rumours of a haunted church brings out the ghost hunters and the vandals.
From Calgary (Alta)...Back in the fold. Pope Benedict invited them and an Anglican congregation took up his offer to join the Catholic Church.
From Spaniard's Bay (Nfld)....Health care showdown.  Some physicians are resigning because they say they are over-worked and under-payed.  Meanwhile,  patients are caught in the cross-fire.
From Toronto (Ont)...Singing Cop.  Traffic cop by day and singer songwriter by night.
Jesse Weeks has a passion for music and timely lyrics.

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