October 20th, 2010

Part One

From Bowen Island (BC)...Quiet please! A proposed bylaw for a day of peace is generating a lot of noise.

From Manitoulin Island (Ont)...A goose repellant.  Tired of stepping on goose droppings at your favourite beach? A fish farmer has a solution.
From Calgary (Alta)...A Scottish crown for a porridge queen.  Well actually, it's not a crown...it's a spurtle. And this queen of oats hails from the colonies.
From Toronto (Ont)...Importing a lunch idea from Mumbai.  Tiffin culture comes to Toronto.
From Vancouver (BC)...A modern apple.  It's the newest apple at the festival...so new it still needs a name.

Part Two

From Kahnawake (Que)...One of Canada's top firefighters.  She was nine years old when she saved her family home from a fire and today she's living her dream job.
From Halifax (NS)...Violent teenagers.  Families talk about the difficulty of dealing with their out-of-control kids.
From Regina (Sask)...The controversial life of Saskatchewan First Nation's leader David Ahenakew inspires a new play. 

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