July 28, 2010

From Winnipeg... the money and lifestyle lures many teens to gangs, but what happens when they try to get out? Hear it firsthand from a 17-year old former gang member.

From Saskatchewan...it's summer camp season and we stop in at a camp for "Gleeks" to hear how they keep the beat in the summer heat.

From Prince Rupert...lessons beneath the tide. We go on board an educational cruise as students from BC's interior head to the coast.

From Montreal...a fishy treat for the feet is causing controversy. We'll go to a spa for a "fish pedicure" and hear why one Ontario Health region has banned these pedicures with "bite".

From Whitehorse...A mammoth of a find! We'll hear why the discovery of a Woolly Mammoth skull and tusks is creating a big buzz in paleontology circles.

From Halifax...making a splash for training day. We get into the "swim" of things with a Halifax marathon swimmer who just crossed the English Channel.

From St. John's...a tale of a whale or a whale's tail? We'll hear why fishing lines are making a bigger catch than intended and what should be done if you snag a marine mammal.

From Calgary...hop on board the folk train. We take a musical ride during an upbeat commute in Cowtown.

From London...a tough lesson about teaching abroad. We'll hear how an Ontario family struggled to bring their son home after a critical motorcycle crash in Thailand.

From Vancouver...a highschool teacher is back after spending more than a decade in China. He swaps stories with CBC's China Correspondent Anthony Germain and shares his fears of re-building a life in Canada.


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