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Weekly Features

Every week The St. John's Morning Show will bring you a number of regular features.  These columns cover it all from health, business and technology, to what's happening in the movies and on Parliament Hill. Take a look through our list to find what interests you.
Out and About
Are you wondering how you should spend your day? Looking for a way to pass the evening or the afternoon? Tune in every morning at 8:45 as Nancy Walsh brings you the latest events on Out and About. Whether it's a flipper dinner in Topsail, an exhibit at the Botanical Gardens or an art auction downtown, Nancy will have it on Out and About. Not only is it a place to find out about events, it's a place to broadcast events. If you've got information you'd like to share, email us at morningshow@stjohns.cbc.ca.
School Announcements
Whether you're wondering if the weather has shut your school down, if you should dress your child for the school picture, or just bring in the recyclables,  tune in for the Morning Show's school announcements. Every morning Nancy Walsh will have the latest information from  your school at 6:20, 6:45, 7:20 and 7:45 (more often on snow days).
If you'd like to tell us something URGENT about your school call 576-5225. If it's a routine announcement email us at morningshow@stjohns.cbc.ca or fax us at 576-5234.
Business Digest 
At 6:18 - a re-cap of stock market activity and overnight economic news as well as a look ahead to the business stories that could impact your day.
Given our time zone it's a challenge to stay on top of everything. Join John Hancock every morning at 7:25 for a look at the scoreboard and much more. John's unique approach to both pro and amateur sports will leave you smiling and well informed.
Every Monday at 6:50, join our weekly business columnist Donna Guzik as she brings us up to speed on what's happening in the World of Business and what to look for in the week ahead. Whether it's the price of oil, the price of houses or the value of the Canadian Dollar, Donna will have the business news that could affect you.
Jessie Hirsh is a broadcaster, researcher and internet evangelist in Toronto. He frequently appears on CBC Radio and has a weekly spot on CBC Newsworld, where he explains and analyzes the latest trends and developments in technology using language and examples that are meaningful and relevant to everyday life.
Every Monday join Jessie at 8:50 as he explores the wild and wide-ranging world of the internet, from programs for your computer to interesting websites and the hottest new gadgets.
Parenting Column
Whether you're looking for a way to stop the kids from fighting when you're on vacation or you're trying to get them to eat food they don't like, parenting can be a challenge. Every Tuesday morning at 6:45 our parenting columnists Karen Horsman and Diane Flacks will have tips on things you can try that may work for you. (Don't worry if you're still in bed at 6:45, we repeat the column at 8:50.) 
Ottawa Report
You may not live in Ottawa, but you'll feel like you do every Tuesday morning at 8:20 when we bring you the latest from Parliament Hill. 
 The Food Column
Our foodie Khalil Akhtar takes a look at what's making a buzz on the culinary scene every Wednesday at 6:45. He takes a deeper look at the food we eat and why we eat it.  Khalil tackles issues like culinary nationalism, dying cuisines and new trends, all with a light-hearted dose of opinion.
The Health Column 
Health is a top priority for most of us and that's why we've made it a regular feature on the St. John's Morning Show. Dr. Peter Lin joins Jeff live every Wednesday at 8:45 with the latest health news. Whether you're looking to lose a few pounds, looking for news on the swine flu, or tips to deal with the common cold, Dr. Lin will have something for you.
Movie Review
Are you thinking of taking in a weekend movie, but you're not sure which one to pick? Tune in at 8:45 Friday Morning for the Movie Review with Eli Glasner. Eli is a fan and a critic all in one. He'll tell you what's worth watching and what's not.