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Icebergs - Past and Present

Take a look at the submissions to our iceberg photo contest - consisting of recent photos if you've been lucky enough to be where they are this year... or from previous years if they haven't found you yet.  Keep 'em coming because we just can't seem to get enough of those magnificent bergs  Send your pics to morningshow@stjohns.cbc.ca.  Now... on to the images - many of which can be viewed full-size when clicked!

Good morning, A few of days ago I heard it mentioned on the Morning Show that there are not any icebergs (making their way to the Avalon Peninsula) this year. I am attaching photos of icebergs at Battle Harbour taken yesterday (July 12th) by the Captain of the Battle Harbour Ferry on its way from Mary's Harbour to Battle Harbour - a distance of 10 miles. There have been many icebergs around Battle Harbour each day since we opened June 14. Battle Harbour is a national district of Canada, and is the only national historic site in Canada where visitors can stay overnight in the historic homes. Gordon Slade, Chair and Managing Director, Battle Harbour Historic Trust

Hi all, This iceberg was in Pouch Cove on April 2, 2009 on a cloudy evening. It slowly made its way down the coastline towards Cape Spear. Angie O'Brien


There are plenty of icebergs around Battle Harbour this year. Here are a few examples. The Issac Smith House, the oldest personal residence in Southern Labrador is seen through an iceberg in Battle Harbour. Gordon Slade, Chair and Managing Director, Battle Harbour Historic Trust

It looks like I'm holding a piece of iceberg..but it's actually out in the water. Marlene Pardy


Some photos I've collected from my family over the years... all taken around my hometown of Twillingate. Robert Guy

I would like to submit some entries for the Iceberg Contest. The first one - my favorite - was taken from Signal Hill. The second is a Berg being towed away from St. John's harbour. The third was taken in Flatrock, the fourth taken from atop Red Cliff and the last one was taken in Tappers Cove. Thanks, Daniel Glynn

Hi there! Here are a couple of iceberg pictures taken by my dad and myself. The first picture was taken near Brighton and the second aerial photo was taken near the Long Point Lighthouse in Twillingate. Enjoy! Ryan Dean, Grand Falls - Windsor

Here are a couple of good iceberg pictures, Trinity Bay, 2007. I sure would like to have that book to send to my sister-in-law in Ontario. She has seeing an iceberg as one of her life plans. Cheers from a great fan of your show, Barbara Burnaby

Hi Morning Show Hosts, Just a few iceberg Pictures I took Near Hodge's Cove a few years back. Rosanne Churchill, Hodge's Cove

Photo taken in Quidi Vidi Village April 2009. Thanks, Steve Barrett


The evening sun glanced from behind the grey curtain. The silent limestone landscape shuddered when the fog horn sent out a piercing alarm to the boats and trawlers close to the shore. Shortly after the iceberg was hidden from view by the fog. St. Anthony, Summer 2008: Photograph taken from Cape Norman Lighthouse. Sobhana Venkatesan


A number of iceberg photos that I have in my files... alas, none from this year. The first one one was off Bonavista during the summer of 2008 - as a bit of a photographic experiment, I took the photo through the viewing stand at the Bonavista lighthouse. It was well off shore and it was huge. The second was taken the summer of 2006 off the East Coast Trail at Bay Bulls. The people on the tour boat are sure getting a great view of this beauty. The third looks like a skidoo... It was in Bay Bulls harbour, summer of 2006, and the last is of an iceberg and growler off of Tinker's Point, East Coast Trail, summer of 2008. Doug Scott, St. John's

berg through the microscope.jpg

Hey Morning Show! I took these shots last summer in Notre Dame Bay. You can see the Crow Head Light House in the background of one of them. Annette Crummey, Development Officer, Town of Gander

Hi Jeff and the Morning Show. These pics were taken in 2007 in Northern Bay, mostly bergy bits and icefloes but still makes a great photo! Love your show..thanks. Linda Mullaly

Hi. These pictures were taken on my way down from Goose Bay on May 27th of this year in a small airplane at low altitude looking for sites. Got this one outside Glovers Harbour - a couple of hundred feet at 140 knots thru the window. Sheldon Rideout, Avionics, Air Services Division, NL Government

Hi, Attached are some photos of icebergs off of my home town, Twillingate, in 2009. This was a huge sheet of ice that broke up and lingered near shore for a few weeks. Ivan Hynes

Looked at the lovely pictures, and thought you needed some more from central, so here's one from near Morton's Harbour in 2007. J. M. Headge, Gambo


Good morning! Here are three more iceberg photos for your collection. The first was taken during a Trail Maintenance outing on the East Coast Trail, and the others were taken in Flatrock, also along the East Coast Trail. Regards, Robbie Hicks

IMG_0329 copy.jpg

These photos were taken in 2009 near Twillingate. There were approximately forty icebergs, all of them majestic and unique. I call the second one "The Shuttle Berg" - taken near Durrell.
Olga Carpenter



Image captured off Greenspond, Bonavista Bay 2009. Thanks Mike Lester


Photos of icebergs, Flatrock, Spaniard's Bay, and Freshwater Bay:

Hello Jeff and crew, The photos of icebergs that you have already posted are great. In my opinion it's too bad there are none to photograph this year, but we can always hope for next year, and continue to share our photos. Great show. Keep up the good work.

Doreen Dray, Conception Bay South




Bruce Peckford: Blackhead bergs

blackhead iceberg008_edited-1.jpg

Hi. This picture was taken at the Random Passage site a few summers ago. We actually heard the iceberg crack and then watched as it rolled over. Hope you like the picture!
Dianne & Bert Earle, Mount Pearl

iceberg 3.jpg

Hi Morning Show. Attached are two pictures of a "late-season" iceberg in July, 2008 off Dunfield, near Trinity.
Edgar Gaulton & Carmel Wyse

Dunfield July08.jpg


Here are some pictures I took in Torbay about eight years back. Enjoy!
Dave Finch, Torbay:












John M. Hanchar, St. John's:
The top photograph is off Signal Hill, St. John's June 2007; The middle photograph is off Pouch Cove, May 2008; The bottom photograph is off Torbay, May 2008:




Jeff & Nancy: While at our summer cottage in Joe Batt's Arm in 2008 we had a great show off the north shore of Fogo Island. Some of the pictures we took are attached, including one with my wife sitting on our deck with many bergs in the background. This is the spot where I grew up in the 40s. Regards, Owen Brown




Black Head 2005 - From Ghislaine Milord:

Black Head 2005.JPG

These are from Stewart Wilson:

Great white whale off L'Anse Aux Meadows July 2009


Quirpon 2008



Goose Cove, July 2009


These photos were sent in by Mary Rideout.

Iceberg photo Kayaking in Trinity 2007:


Port Rexton 2007 from Fisher's Loft Inn: