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Selections from Friday's show

Giant Milk Can


Elliston is a pretty little town, steeped in history, and home to a barrel-sized can of Carnation Milk. It's sitting outside Cliff Sanger's house. The Morning Show's Todd O'Brien happened to spot it.

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What Happens Next?

An Egyptian living here in St. John's is worried for his family back home. Egypt is facing a major transformation. After Islamic president Mohammed Morsi refused to step down, he was ousted by the Egyptian military. Power has been transferred to the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court. New elections for both the Parliament and the presidency are being promised. But people in Egypt and all over the world are wondering...what happens next. Mohamed Abdullah if from Cairo, and now lives in St. John's.

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Cupcakes in Paris

Portugal Cove... It's a long ways away from the bustling streets of Paris. But for a young Newfoundlander, Paris is a perfect place to set up shop. A cupcake shop, that is. Bobbie Maker is the owner of Bertie's Cupcakery in Paris. She joins me on the line from France.

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