Cross-Canada outdoor rink journey

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On February 21st we spoke with Patricia Caron of Toronto, who's skating on outdoor rinks across Canada to celebrate her two new knees.  Here's a picture of Patricia doing her thing on the backyard rink belonging to Susan and Keith Cassell of CBS... who volunteered their icy surface when Patricia came looking!

patricia-caron-st-johns-feb-22.jpg "Well, thanks very much for having me on the show. Keith Cassell and his family let me skate on their backyard ice in CBS (Conception Bay South). I have forwarded you the photos as best I have. Unfortunately I did not get great photos in the Arena, but a lot of people at the lunch time skate heard my plea for a backyard rink on the Morning Show.

I had no idea beforehand, but I really did save the best for last. The people of Newfoundland are special indeed and I got to see a lot of the city: Signal Hill, Cape Spear, The Battery... and the best advice was from my late night cab driver who cautioned me that every front step in St. John's has some of the North Atlantic on it, so "watch your step."

Thanks again, and thanks for coming along on the blog."

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