Shelagh's extended conversation with Susan Musgrave

(Bruce Stotsebury)

(Bruce Stotsebury)


Susan Musgrave is one of Canada's most unique writers. She's created memorable poetry and has a dramatic personal life. She is married to the writer and convicted bank robber Stephen Reid and their relationship has been the subject of news stories and documentaries. Susan's writing career spans thirty years and she's written close to thirty books.


Susan dropped out of high school in Victoria when she was fourteen and started publishing poems when she was sixteen. By the time she was nineteen, she had published her first
book, a collection of poetry called Songs of the Sea-Witch

That was in 1973 and Susan hasn't stopped writing since. To date, she's published 27 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and children's literature. Her most recent novel, Given, came out last October. 

Susan has won many awards for her work, including the Canadian Literary Award for Poetry in 1996. There is an undercurrent of sadness throughout much of Susan's poetry and prose, but it is punctuated by her irreverent humour, West Coast beauty, and a sense of spiritualism. The result is a repertoire that is as unpredictable, personal, and provocative as its creator. 

A fourth generation Vancouver Island native, Susan now lives on Haida Gwaii.

We hope you enjoy this extended version of Shelagh's conversation with Susan Musgrave.
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