Shelagh's extended conversation with Shannon Moroney

(Anka Czudec, Studio Anka)

(Anka Czudec, Studio Anka)


In November 2005, Shannon Moroney's life changed forever. She was at a conference in Toronto when there was a knock on her hotel door. It was a police officer to say that her husband Jason had been arrested for the violent sexual assault of two women.  In an instant, Shannon's life shattered.


Shannon and Jason had only been married for a month. Suddenly, her life was turned upside down. It took almost three years before Jason was sentence to life in prison. During that time, Shannon had to learn how to negotiate the criminal justice system, at the same time as slowly starting to put her own life back together.

Shannon Moroney has written about that experience in her riveting book Through the Glass.  

Shelagh had a long conversation with Shannon about her experience as a 'collateral victim' of her now ex-husband's violence and her journey toward forgiveness and healing.  Due to time contraints, we weren't able to broadcast their full conversation on The Next Chapter.  Here it is in its entirety.
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