Shelagh's extended conversation with Ken Babstock


In some Newfoundland dialects, a 'methodist hatchet' is an axe with two edges.  The phrase reflects how local Anglicans regarded their Methodist neighbours - as two-faced or hypocritical.  These days, Methodist Hatchet is better known as Ken Babstock's very successful fourth volume of poetry, which won the 2012 Griffin Poetry Prize.


Ken was born in Newfoundland, grew up in the Ottawa Valley, and now makes his home in Toronto.  He is a fixture in the Canadian poetry world, having worked as poetry editor for House of Anansi press and Poetry Faculty at the Banff Centre for the Arts.  Methodist Hatchet is his fourth book and every one of us here at The Next Chapter was flabbergasted when we realized that Shelagh hadn't spoken with him before. 

Well, we fixed that good and fast!

Shelagh and Ken had a great conversation, but it was too lengthy to broadcast in its entirety.  Here is their inaugural meeting, unedited, as it took place.

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