Shelagh's extended conversation with Antanas Sileika (Encore)


Antanas Sileika grew up hearing his parents' harrowing story of fleeing Lithuania to come to Canada.  It was one of many stories about pre- and post-WWII Lithuania that Antanas absorbed, tucked away, and carried with him throughout his life.


It was many years before Antanas realized what a treasure trove of stories he possessed.  When he finally did embrace his family's history, Antanas found the inspiration for a novel: Underground.

Last fall, Shelagh spoke with Antanas about Underground.  Their conversation is full of Antanas' astounding family stories, personal insights, and little-known history about the Lithuanian partisan movement. 

It's a fascinating conversation that didn't get its due within our limited broadcast window, so we give it full room to breathe here in this TNC special.  We hope you enjoy.

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