Literary Smackdown #8


Literary Smackdown #8
To Re-Read or Not To Re-Read Old Work
Sharon Butala vs. Jane Urquhart


Canada Writes and The Next Chapter present our eigth literary smackdown, an always thoughtful, sometimes feisty, debate about the writing life.

This time, a quandary for published writers: is it a good idea to re-read your old work?  Sharon Butala and Jane Urquhart have both written plenty of books, but they have very different thoughts on what to do with them.


Sharon Butala is a Saskatchewan-based writer of novels and non-fiction.  Her most recent book is The Girl in Saskatoon.  Sharon finds great pleasure in re-reading her earlier work and says it feels like a celebration of the struggles and joys of writing.  Jane Urquhart is the author of several novels, the most recent being Sanctuary Line.  She never reads her earlier work, for fear that it will either be embarrassingly bad or intimidatingly good.

So is it better to take a moment to bask in past glories or keep your eyes forward and never look back?  Press the 'Listen' button to hear Sharon and Jane hash it out, or click here to read their essays on the Canada Writes website.

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