Literary Smackdown #6

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The Next Chapter and Canada Writes team up again to present the sixth literary smackdown, a debate about the ins and outs of writing.
Up for discussion this time: which is the best writing environment, a silent hermetic sanctuary or a bustling coffee shop? 
Joëlle Anthony writes young adult fiction and prefers to do so in complete solitude.  She built a cabin behind her house so she could have a space to write with zero distractions.  She's the author of Restoring Harmony and her new book, The Right and the Real, is due out in April.  Rabindranath Maharaj is the author of The Amazing Absorbing Boy.  He's been writing in coffee shops for well over a decade and finds the stimulation and white noise of a cafe help him to focus. 
Two writers, two ways of working... but which is best for the creative process?  Press play on the player above to hear Joëlle and Robin discuss the benefits and shortcomings of each writing location.  Click here to read their essays on the Canada Writes website.


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