TNC Special: John Vaillant

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John Vaillant's book The Tiger tells the true story of a Siberian tiger who stalks and kills a poacher in what seems like a calculated act of revenge.  When he spoke with Shelagh, Vaillant said the tiger's sentience drew him to the story: "The fact that this tiger was able to hold the idea of this man in his mind over a period of time was chilling but also really fascinating."

The Tiger is a contender for this year's Canada Reads competition, which for the first time is focusing on true stories.

We were only able to play a fraction of Shelagh's conversation with John Vaillant on The Next Chapter.  In this TNC Special, we give you their full length conversation, which digs deeper into the intriguing story of this tiger, John's journey to a remote Russian village to research the book, and the complex relationship of the tiger and the people in its path. 

We hope you enjoy. 


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