TNC Special: Ken Dryden

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Ken Dryden's The Game is regarded by many as one of the great insider books about NHL hockey.  But most people who read The Game say it's about much more than hockey... it's really a book about life.

The Game is enjoying a new wave of attention since it was selected as one of the five non-fiction contenders for this year's Canada Reads competition.  When Shelagh spoke to Ken Dryden about The Game, their conversation evolved into a rich storytelling session about Ken's hockey career, from his beginnings in his family's backyard in Etobicoke, to the Stanley Cup playoffs in the Montreal Forum.  Ken described playing for the Montreal Canadiens in the 1970s and shared what it was like when his storied hockey career finally ended.

Ken's charm and legendary yarns enraptured Shelagh and had The Next Chapter team glued to their seats in the control booth.  We could only play a fraction of Shelagh's conversation with Ken Dryden on The Next Chapter, so we offer it to you here in its full-length glory. 


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