TNC Special: James Bartleman

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James Bartleman had an outstanding career as a diplomat in Cuba, Isreal, South Africa, and elsewhere around the world.  The son of a white father and a Chippewa mother, he became the first aboriginal Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.  During his tenure as Lieutenant Governor, James worked hard to improve literacy among First Nations children.

James Bartleman is the author of several works of nonfiction and he has just published his first novel, "As Long as the Rivers Flow".  It is an unswerving look at the legacy of the residential school system through the eyes of his main character, Martha Whiteduck.  

James wrote "As Long as the Rivers Flow" because he wants to correct the gap in Canadians' knowledge about the multigenerational impact that residential schools are still having on Native Canadians, especially in the isolated reserves of Northern Ontario. 

James Bartleman is a moving, powerful speaker.  His conversation with Shelagh was insightful and illuminating, but we were only able to broadcast a portion of it on The Next Chapter.  We offer it to you here in its fullness. 


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