Monday, November 30th

It's the "loosen your belt and tuck in" edition, as Shelagh loads her plate with great food writing. Bal Arneson helps Shelagh Rogers make the perfect rotis, and tells stories about her childhood in a small village in India. Bal's the author of Everyday Indian. David Sax explains why the smoked meat sandwich is the national food of Canada, and the delicatessen needs to be saved as an institution. (His book is Save the Deli.) And Itah Sadu offers Austin Clarke and Olive Senior up as two of Canada's most delicious literary writers for the food in their works. Chef Michael Smith reflects on how recipes fit into the world of literature, Diana Braithwaite dishes on her reading habits, and Devin Connell and Linda Haynes explain why they combined their different styles into a single cookbook: Two Dishes. Susur Lee dismisses reading for pleasure, and we tempt your tastebuds with a bit of Farley Mowat's recipe for Creamed Mice.

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