Who and What for April 4th

This month we move from mystery to memoir.

To begin with, Shelagh visits Meg Federico in Halifax to discuss Welcome To The Departure Lounge, a memoir about caring for her aging mother.

Then we switch point-of-view when a book club in White Rock, B.C., discusses the challenges of becoming old, as voiced in Joan Barfoot's novel Exit Lines.

Next, Shelagh tackles the idea of truth in non-fiction with Stephen Kimber, author of Loyalists and Layabouts, the Rapid Rise and Sharper Fall of Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

Gossip Queen Lainey Lui talks about the books she’s reading.

We hear Joni Mitchell and "A Case of You" from her CD Blue.

And Tom Howell drops by to discuss the poet Robert Priest, author of Reading the Bible Backwards, and the science writer Marcus Chown, author of Quantum Physics Cannot Hurt You.

Shelagh asks listeners to write in with recommendations for two books that go well together. She suggests Richard Wagamese's One Native Life alongside John Ralston Saul's A Fair Country (a pairing that led to an episode of The Next Chapter last fall).


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