Shelagh's Diary

It's Tuesday, three days after the debut of The Next Chapter.
Great title, eh? It was Jacqueline Kirk (she's been my books
producer for almost a decade) who came up with it.

On the days before the launch, I was ruminating on what it means.
And frankly, nervous about the debut. After all these years I
still get nervous starting a new season. And to add starting a new
show to the mix--well, let's just say I no longer have fingernails.
And now episode one is ether. Onto the next, next chapter.


I think this is a great time for a program about Canadian writing.
As Margaret Atwood said last week in the Globe " For decades,
we've been punching above our weight on the world stage in writing,
in popular music and in many other fields". (Margaret, by the way,
will be on The Next Chapter October 11th, talking about debt as a
recurring motif in religion, literature and the structure of society).
And I don't think we've had an exclusively Canadian writing program
since Robert Weaver's groundbreaking series Anthology. So, high

And yes, I'm a homer. The books I read, even not for work, are Canadian.
I love mysteries and Peter Robinson, Louise Penny, Brad Smith and Bill
Deverell are on my bedside table. Bonnie Stern and Rose Murray and their
new cookbooks comprise my gastroporn. The music on my I-pod is all by
Canadian artists, many of whom you'll hear on TNC. (I do have to confess to
having Gnarls Barkley on the pod. I just love "Crazy").


And I'm a homer in more ways than one. My studio is at home now, as well,
a cabin that is thirty paces from the house.
Enclosed is a snapshot of it and flowers I received from a friend on the day
it opened (um, that would be yesterday). Tempting as it is to work in a sweatshirt
and jogging pants (like I jog), I will still get dressed up for interviews. And put lipstick
on, as I did even early in the morning on Sounds Like Canada. The guests deserve
my being at my best. Or as close as I can come.

This week, I hope you'll tune in for Miriam Toews and Joseph Boyden. Great books
from the both of them. Oh, and Tom the poetry guy better deliver on his promise to
read a poem...



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