Here's what has come in so far. Thank you to everyone who's written to us already!

Good afternoon, Shelagh,

I just finished listening to the podcast of Saturday's broadcast of "The Next Chapter." Bravo, welcome back, well done, and nice to hear your voice on the radio again. Who else could pair up a walkabout with Donna Morrissey (we have bragging rights to her in Halifax!) and an interview with Richard Florida in such a seamless fashion? Great mix of segments.

Now, if I could only find a way to wind time forward to next Saturday so I can get my next fix!

All the best,
Randall Perry
Halifax, NS


Welcome Back

Dear Shelagh,
What a wonderful gift you have given those of us looking for something meaningful on Saturday afternoon radio (that isn't opera and that also isn't DNTO). I also think you've finally found your groove. What a difference in your interview style in The Next Chapter. No giggling, just being there with the people you interview ... letting their voice come through. WELL DONE. I look forward to more.

Mary Wall


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