Monday October 12, 2009

George Elliott Clarke channels his teenage years of boogie nights in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the 1970s. George's new book of poetry is called I & I, and it's written by his adult self and his teenage self -- he's reworked and developed material that he originally concocted as a lusty teenager. "Gothic in romance, grotesque in its depictions, and gaudy in plot," so says the man himself.

Jennifer McLagan sings the praises of fat (as an ingredient, that is). She says it's a deeply misunderstood part of our diet. Her book is called Fat.

Shelagh recalls a conversation she had with Julia Child. Hannah Sung drops by to talk about the food-themed month over at the CBC Bookclub. And Andy Jones (of CodCo fame) teams up with illustrator Darka Erdelji to make a book based on the common folk-tale hero "Jack". It's called The Queen of Paradise's Garden.

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