Mystery at the Med School

Ron Stewart heard about The Next Chapter's Mystery Month, and let us know about a collaborative writing project ongoing in Halifax:

Greetings from Dalhousie, Shelagh:
Every year of two the Narrative Medicine section of our Medical Humanities Program here at Dalhousie creates an 11-sentence "Medical Mystery Novel" set in the Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building. This idea, stolen unashamedly from CBC Halifax, invites students to submit sentences to weave a medical mystery -- usually involving murder and mayhem of some kind -- with the resolution of the mystery in the 11-sentences. This year our beginning sentence was supplied by our 2009 Quill 'n' Stethoscope Orator, Dr. Brian Goldman of CBC and emergency medicine fame. His beginning sentence, "As she sat in The Link, her fourth Red Bull quickly emptying out, third year medical student Donatella Ponzi was so intent on plotting her next bank robbery with meticulous precision that she failed to notice the shadow lurking behind her."

When they ran a similar project two years ago, they got doctor-author Vincent Lam to bestow a title on the resulting story; he called it, The Case of the Curious Cure.

Ask your doctor.

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