Who and What.

The following guests, authors and books make an appearance on the November 22nd episode of The Next Chapter:

Rebecca Eckler discusses Rotten Apple.
Todd Babiak mentions Michael Winter's This All Happened, and the writing of Nick Hornby, Ernest Hemingway, Mordecai Richler, etc.
Chivaree sings from her album, All the Time
Susan Pinker wrote The Sexual Paradox.
Nalo Hopkinson wrote The New Moon's Arms and mentions Charles Saunders' Imaro series and the writer Elisabeth Vondarberg.
Tom Howell discovers Margaret Christakos and her new book, What Stirs.

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I very much fear for the teenage girls who read Rebecca Eckler's novels. Yes they might be popular, but is taking for granted the fact that one's 5 year old wears make up a good example to put out there? Do we want to raise a generation of Barbie Dolls? 5 yr olds cannot think for themselves in any depth. Rebecca will learn this the hard way.There is a reason that one is the child and the other the adult.

June Grace, November 22, 2008 7:44 PM
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