Mailbag - October 8th

Welcome back

Comments: Dear Shelagh,

I call you by your first name because I have known you for so long and, I feel, so well. We have all said to ourselves many times - I must write and tell that person - but never get around to it. I am a CBC fan and so have been listening to you for a long time. You always make me feel as though I am in the room with you and you are doing the interview or providing information to me alone. It is a great gift that you have and you appear to do it so naturally.

Geri Sheedy

Stop the glottal stop

I'm still smarting from the cancelation of Talking Books, I'll have you know! Well, maybe this new magazine-format replacement will grow on me.

Apologies in front for any effrontery, but whether on Sounds Like Canada or The Next Chapter, there's a non-verbal sound Shelagh makes in the microsecond between opening her mouth and saying her first word, not exactly a glottal stop, but a click of some sort. Not annoying, endearing, you could say, a bit like Jian Ghomeshi's noisy updraft of air before his words begin.

Looking forward to your coverage of poetry. One of Montreal's university stations, CKUT, plays an hour of spoken poetry every week, what an ear-opener, and I really don't see why CBC Radio could'nt do the same, or at least intersperse recitations within your three-hour music programmes on Radio Two (while you're at it, bring back radio drama, too, anything but that Afghan propaganda). I'm not in the 1% who buy poetry books, I borrow them from the library, and would love it if Tom Howell sank his lexicographer's teeth into Anne Carson's "Short Talks", or Lisa Robertson's "The Weather". Like, do you need an MA in literature, or drill a hole into your cranium in order to comprehend these Canadian verses?

I. Young

Just a note say "Welcome back, Shelagh". You were certainly missed and I hope you'll be with us for a very long time.


Hi Shelagh!
The perfect combination for a Saturday afternoon: your warmth, always-welcome voice, interviewing skills, talking with writers about their books. Heavenly! I'm so glad you're doing this program.

Vicki Frederick

n.b. We also received several notes of complaint about problems with links to our website from elsewhere on CBC's site, as well as our on-again-off-again podcast last week. Thanks for all your patience as we sort out the glitches. It ought to be working smoothly very soon.

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Previous Comments (5)

Hi Shelagh: Just back from lunch at Liuna Station in Hamilton, where you spoke today. I managed to hold back my "whoohoo" when you mentioned "8 hours of sleep" and "limits". Fantastic! Best wishes for this new work chapter. You are a star (like the ones in the sky). Thank you for being you!

Leslie Born, October 8, 2008 8:49 PM

Great new show!
I am just over the border in US and have loved Canadian writing since discovering Margaret Laurence in a Kingston bookstore 20 years ago. So nice to hear Shelagh's voice again. Thanj you Radio One.

barb, October 9, 2008 7:51 AM

We HEART Shelagh Rogers! So good to hear this show. Shelagh is a national treasure. Her style of interviewing is unique and easy leaving us, the listeners, checking the clock to make sure that hour is indeed up.

Well done Shelagh! Can't wait to snuggle up with the old laptop and listen once a week to my fave CBC-er once again. Cheers! Tina

Tina, October 10, 2008 2:07 AM

Somewhere I missed what happened that you left Sounds Like Canada but I heard the last broadcast and was gravely disappointed when I heard that you were leaving.
I'm okay now as I've just listened to The Next Chapter and your interview with Margaret Atwood.
From your days with Peter Gzowski, you've been a natural, Shelagh, drawing out the best in all with whom you speak, and ensuring that your listeners feel enriched from having listened.
Thank you.

Margaret Lonsdale, October 12, 2008 12:01 AM

I'm so glad to hear that I can still hear Shelagh Rogers on the CBC! I was so upset to hear that you were leaving Sounds Like Canada, and like some of the other listeners, I didn't realize that you would be doing another show.
I've always really looked forward to hearing your lovely voice, especially your infectious laughter. I have really enjoyed listening to your interviews, sometimes I have a hard time getting anything done around my home because I've had my ear "glued" to the radio!I'm so glad to hear that this "national treasure" will be airing a new show with the CBC.
Keep up the great work Shelagh. We love you.

Anne, October 17, 2008 9:44 PM
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