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The official line

Bell's last word

The last we heard from Bell spokesperson Jason Lazlo - about the Methot's huge, unexplained data charges:

"I can't confirm any of our next steps until next week once we complete the deeper technical review into the usage."

That was February 27. CBC has not heard from him since - but the Methots say Bell has since let them out of their contract - and cancelled all outstanding charges.

No comment

Aviva Canada's response to why the insurance company has denied the claim for Salemink's family home destroyed in fatal blaze:

"We are unable to comment on any individual claim as it would require us to release personal information about our customers that we simply do not share."


No comment

Personal injury lawyer Al McGarvey on why he won't talk about his client's bill:

"I am of the view that it would be unprofessional for me to publicly comment upon this matter at this time."

No problem here

Citizenship and Immigration Canada spokesperson - on how a foreign doctor's immigration approval papers were delayed in transit for weeks:

"I can say that we have looked into the case and are satisfied that it was processed within our normal timeframes."



Nothing specific

The Canada Border Services Agency, on if and when the deportation order against a Mexican father with an ill Canadian child will be carried out:

"A removal can only be enforced once all legal avenues of recourse have been exhausted. Once legal avenues have been exhausted, the CBSA is mandated under IRPA to enforce the removal as soon as possible."

CBC's calls to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews were not returned.

Skirting the question

Answer from federal Justice Minister's office on whether he supports proposed bill that would make "shared parenting" the law:

"Our Government is committed to promoting positive outcomes for the entire family during separation or divorce. Since parents usually understand their children better than anyone else, our Government strongly encourages parents cooperate to make parenting arrangements in their children's best interests..."


Read full story>


The non-answer

CBSA spokesperson Faith St. John, on why U.S. journalist Amy Goodman was grilled at the border about whether she would be speaking about the Vancouver Olympics and given a written order to leave Canada within 2 days:

"Ms.Goodman was issued a two-day visitor record, which allowed her to be in Canada for the time period she required to conduct her speaking engagements."

"The CBSA has nothing further to add."

Protecting his privacy

Susan Prins, spokesperson for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C., refusing our request for an interview about Dr. Fernando Casses:

"We really can't participate in this story...the challenge we have is...identification of one of our registrants...could put us into a difficult legal position regarding privacy."

Labour relations - not public relations

On the story about trucker's safety concerns:

Phone message from unnamed woman from Kerver Trucking:

"We will not be able to comment because this is a labour relations issue"

No Superstore specifics

Response to elderly man injured while taking back grocery cart:

"The health and safety of our customers and colleagues
is paramount to Loblaw Companies.
With regard to this
specific case, we are unable to offer comment."

David Primorac, Senior Director, Public Relations
Loblaw Companies Limited

I'll get back to you

Response from Andrea Kent, media representative for Minister of National Revenue,
to our requests for an interview:

"I will be back in touch as discussed."

(We didn't hear back - and had to chase the minister for comment)

The standard line

Mnistry spokesperson Kelly Gleeson, in response to questions about the Bayne "shaken baby" case:

"This matter is before the courts so we will not be commenting"


Won't talk - will fix it

Angela Dion, spokesperson for Rogers - response to Go Public request for an interview about Burnaby man who was chased by collection agents for cell phone he didn't have:

"We'll decline your opportunity for an interview but we're working fast on getting you answers on this account and a hopeful resolution."

For me, it's over

Condo investor Mary Buchanan, a realtor from California, on why she didn't want to talk about her condo fight with resident owner Craig Fraser:

"I can't imagine what the story is. I have nothing to say because it's over. Just say that I said I have no comment."

Not taking any questions

McDonald's Canada response to Go Public's questions about workers breathing fumes from the restaurant's exhaust vent:

"At McDonald’s, we take this situation very seriously and have cooperated with the City of Vancouver to help them rectify the situation.

As this situation is currently between the City of Vancouver and Worksafe BC, it would be inappropriate for McDonald’s to comment further."

No. Period.

Two sentence email from Josee Bellemare, assistant to Leona Aglukkaq - in response to Go Public request to talk to the health minister about Hep C compensation problems:

"The minister is not available for this interview. You may want to try media relations at Health Canada."

Comment from up high

The B.C. govenment didn't stonewall us on this week's story - quite the opposite.
Premier Gordon Campbell deserves cudos
for taking time to talk frankly about the Rwandan orphan case:

"My first reaction is you have to feel heartsick about this..."

Credit where credit is due.

Thanks, but no thanks

Starbucks spokesperson Trina Smith's response to Go Public request for an interview:

"Thank you for reaching out."

"Unfortunately I can not provide an on-camera interview, but I can provide a (written) statement for you. Please let me know if you have any additional questions."

Not now, maybe later

Laurel Kennedy, VPD, on Friday, January 16 - after several CBC requests for an interview:

"A traffic officer would not be able to speak with any real knowledge about that. [The identity theft task force] is tied up with something until Tuesday. I don't think anything's going to happen until then."

"Unfortunately, we don't have someone that has the appropriate information, it would be erroneous of us to put somebody up."

Not up to me...

Cascade Aerospace CEO David Schellenberg:
(on why he won't offer financial help to former employees exposed to toxic chemicals)

Kathy T: "Why not just help them out - given they got sick here?"

David S: "Well, I think it’s really important to understand that WorkSafeBC has been around for 100 years and they are the independent body in this province..."

Deny, deny

Fake landlord David Messina stonewalling Go Public:

Kathy T: "You're David Messina, right? DM: "No I'm not."
KT: "You're not David Messina? DM: "No."

KT: "How do you justify subletting apartments to ESL students - taking their money - and not then not paying rent to the landlords?"
DM: "Who said that I am doing that, anyway?"